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Sometimes you hear of an idea and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

That’s exactly the response most people give, owner/designer of Miss Fanatic, Tiffany Pearl. The former Dolphin Cheerleader knows a thing or “five, six, seven, eight!” about sexy sports outfits.

It took this fashionista one opportunity to find a niche in the fashion market. Now Tiffany Pearl, along with a whole lot of determination, is reaping all the benefits.

What exactly is
Miss Fanatic?

TP: Miss Fanatic is a women’s swimwear and apparel line offering officially licensed collegiate merchandise. Miss Fanatic focuses on creating fashionable apparel that lets the ladies sport their team spirit in style. All of our designs are inspired from the uniforms right off the players back. We offer styles that you can rock to the beach or the big game.

Tell us, what made you think of this amazing concept?

TP: I have always been interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. While cheering for the Miami Dolphins for four seasons, the director of the cheerleaders approached me to design and style the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2008-2009 Calendar Unveiling. I had been in school studying fashion so this was a great opportunity to get experience and exposure. I created a number of specialty suits for the show, which included a bikini made out of a football; it got a lot of attention. Many people were interested in my designs and wanted to know where they could buy them. I didn’t have any designs for sale at the time, but it opened the idea of creating my own line because there wasn’t anything comparable on the market. After a long road of research, design and hard work, I have now created what is Miss Fanatic.

Did you always know you wanted to open up your own company?

TP: I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I have a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and am always thinking of the next big idea. I knew I didn’t want to work hard to make someone else rich!

Did you go to school for fashion?

TP: Yes, I went to school for Fashion Merchandising and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in 2009.

When you first decided you wanted to be a business owner, was Miss Fanatic the first thing that came to mind?

TP: While I was in school I had many ideas of what my first business adventure would be. Designing and owning a clothing line was not my initial plan, but I love what I’m doing now – the timing was just right!

What is the main reason for opening this company?

TP: The main reason for opening the company was to create my own business and be my own boss. I am also a huge sports fan and knew there was nothing on the market that I would wear to support my team. I felt this would be a great opportunity to launch the line.

What was the first major step you took to create Miss Fanatic?

TP: The first major step I took when creating the company was presenting the line to investors. First, I researched to see what investors would be the most beneficial to the line and what they could offer. I wasn’t just looking for money, I wanted the investor to have experience. Then I created an impressive presentation and pitched the line.

What was the second major step?

TP: : The second major step was applying for the College licenses. In my industry you must have the license to use the school names and logos on your merchandise. If I were to be denied licensing for a school I would not be able to sell anything. I put together a package detailing what the brand was all about and submitted it to the licensing companies.

The third major step?

TP: : The third major step was talking to buyers. You have nothing if you don’t have anyone to buy the merchandise. It takes a lot of time and a great pitch to get buyers interested in carrying the line.

How different is the process of contracting each school?

TP: Collegiate Licensing is very different than Pro Licensing. Each school has different guidelines you must abide by in order to be approved to use their marks. Every school has their own licensing director who reviews the submissions and ultimately has the final decision of whether or not you will be able to sell your merchandise.

Are you selling only to Colleges or individuals as well?

TP: TP: We are selling wholesale to stores across the United States as well as selling directly to the consumer on our website

What schools are you currently licensed for?

TP: We are licensed for a number of schools including but not limited to;


Are there any websites where we can find your pieces?

TP:: Right now you can sign up on and we will send you all the locations you can find the Miss Fanatic merchandise.

Is it a big process to get permission from each school?

TP: It is a very big process to get approved by a school. You have to submit your application to the licensing company and it gets revised by a board of people who decided whether or not they want to support the application. Then it goes to the school where it will be reviewed again for the final decision. There are many variables that contribute to the decision making process which are different for each institution.

Was it as difficult as you thought it was going to be?

TP: I did not think that the licensing process would be as difficult as it is. There are so many variables within getting a design approved, and the rules for what you can and cannot do to a particular schools logo, it can get exhausting.

Do you design every piece?

TP: Yes, I design the entire collection. Even though I didn’t go to school for the design aspect of my profession I have always loved to design.

What is your top selling piece right now?

TP: My top selling piece would be my lace up jersey top. It fits so well and there is nothing like it on the market. It’s the perfect piece to wear to a game!

How many schools do you look forward to selling to within this year?

TP: I am going to focus on about 12 schools for the first year and hopefully double that number next year.

Where do you see Miss Fanatic in 5 years?

TP: In five years I see Miss Fanatic as a global brand that is known for our sports inspired merchandise, as well as our unique design techniques. I want to grow the line into the go-to-brand for stylish sports apparel.

So far what have you learned the most from when you first started?

TP: One important thing I have learned, is if you want things to be done correctly you have to give good direction and constantly be on top of the people working for you. Nobody will care as much for your company as you will, so make sure to stay on top of every aspect.

What do you LOVE the most about your company?

TP: What I love the most about my company is how creative it lets me be. Especially when designing and thinking about ways to market the brand. Some of the best memories in a persons life is their college experience, and I get to contribute to that experience by making great clothes they can wear with their school colors and logos.

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