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Paulynn Ninh, owner of Blush Nail Lounge and Boutique, follows one short mantra when faced with a new opportunity: “why not?” “There’s really no reason why someone shouldn’t do anything,” Ninh says. “You just have to initiate and take action and go for it.”blush

While Ninh never anticipated owning her own business, taking initiative is something this nail veteran and shaping specialist has grown accustomed to. Since opening three years ago, Blush is now Ninh’s fifth salon. It was a friend who first sparked the business bug in Ninh. When that friend suggested they open a salon, Ninh, true to her personal mantra, responded with “why not?”

With no business experience, Paulynn set up her first salon. At the time, she had nothing to lose and was prepared for any outcome that could result from the business. After just a few months, Ninh already had a sense of the salon’s future and knew it wouldn’t be as successful as she wanted. Cutting her losses, she closed the salon and prepared to open a new one.


Even though her first attempt was not a success, Ninh didn’t give up. Instead, she recognized aspects of her business that needed improvement. When she opened her second salon, Ninh aimed to set up shop and capitalize on location (as foot traffic is one of the most important keys to success for a salon).


Though she began her journey as a businesswoman in Montana, Paulynn eventually decided to set up her practice in Miami. “The main reason I wanted to come to Florida is because of this cheerful energy that’s just around here,” Ninh explains. She loves the low stress environment and plethora of vacationers and tourists journeying from all over the world who are just there to have a good time.


Despite the low-key atmosphere, Ninh admits running a business is not always easy. Some days, Paulynn says that it feels more like the business is running her than the other way around. However, the perks that come with owning her own business, like being in control of her own career make everything worth it. To that effect, Ninh has been focusing on branding herself and her salon by coming out with her own makeup line, which she has perfected through years of experimentation.


Ninh also prides herself on her ability to shape her client’s brows, making them look ten years younger. Since deciding to team up with her brother, who happens to be a hair specialist, Paulynn began specializing in permanent makeup. Ninh, who is the artist behind the makeup, creates the right look for each client, while her brother is the technician who physically applies the tattoo.

“I want millions of women to know this is what I have, and I can help them,” Ninh says. If your question is “why do you want to do it?” her answer is simple: “why not?”

Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Blair Cassuto


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    This is my “Go To” place on Miami Beach! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s so great to be able to get to know Paulynn and how she started this great salon! I had no idea she was such an entrepreneur!

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