The Beauty of Relationships

Nov 12, 2010 3 Comments

With social media at an all time high and most of the world’s sales and marketing operating through word-of-mouth, it’s ironic to think that although we are communicating all the time we aren’t really relating. After chatting with Beauty Society’s founder,beauty-society Jeannie Lorin a.k.a the “diva maker”, we realized there is at least one company still tightly adhering to the idea of relationships as a way of business. She is relating with others in order to encourage sales, and make for explosive marketing opportunities.

This “diva maker” was once a stay at home mom of four children. One day, after her youngest daughter decided she could tie her own shoes, Jeannie decided her full-time-mom job was done. With much thought and some deep soul searching she found herself asking, “What really makes me happy?”


Quickly approaching her fortieth birthday, Jeannie realized that one of the things she cared most about was aging. “Age was happening to me!” exclaims the now fierce female founder of Beauty Society, which officially launched in August of 2005.

Into the anti-aging industry Lorin went. She is quick to explain how there was plenty of pre-planning and research, beginning in February of 2004. “I started doing major research, meeting numerous people, asking questions, finding different products. There have been so many medical and technological breakthroughs happening over the last few years, there had to be something that worked.”

In an industry filled with PHD holding professionals, doctors and scientists, no one wanted to take an inquisitive housewife seriously.

Here enters the ability to relate and form relationships. “After putting forth a lot of money, time and effort I realized people in this industry want to work with people holding PHD’s not me. In the beginning I had to pay these professionals for my product development. However, women like myself are resourceful and crafty. I used my abilities and started to build relationships. I talked to everyone. I made relationships with people at the heart of the beauty industry. When I told these people what I planned to do and how I wanted to do it, they were more than happy to work with me. In turn these professionals told me about part of  “the dirty little secret” in the beauty industry. Bigger beauty brand named companies will actually turn down top-notch beauty products and formulas presented to them because their aim is to simply put out cheaper products to make bigger profits.”


With her innate ability to form relationships and her acquired inside information on a dirty industry secret, Jeannie was even more determined to succeed. Because most major beauty companies don’t use the true anti-aging formulas available (there’s no need as they already have a name for them selves and are profiting) Beauty Society got an instant leg up on the competition and now only uses the best and latest products.

“You can have the best product in the world but if it’s not marketed correctly it won’t sell,” Jeannie goes on to say how she thought the direct sales industry would be perfect for Beauty Society. “I was able to not only empower my self as a business women, but empower other women along the way. I knew there were other women feeling the same way I was and asking them selves if “this” was it.”  She created a business opportunity for all women and the exciting thing is that it works. Beauty Society’s products work incredibly and it’s the only product line that comes with a 12-month money back guarantee. As for the women endorsing and selling Beauty Society, “We’re not just getting pretty, we’re getting rich!


“These women who love the products are able to sell them too and make a happy profit. We are the only direct sales company in the United States that also has some of our products sold at major retailers, such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.” This feat in itself proves Beauty Society is a cut above the rest. Not only can these women feel beautiful with their products, they can change the lives of other women while working their own hours.


Jeannie and her Beauty Society team are strong into building each other up while building relationships through direct sales, but this is not the only marketing tool that works for them. Social networking media has had a big hand in boosting sales along with their website. If you friend them on Facebook before November is over you’ll hear all about their latest giveaways and newly released product, Youth Accelerator.

“Dare to be different!” suggests this successful skin specialist and mom of four. Now there is no excuse to not do the impossible.

Written by: Bridgette


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3 Responses to “The Beauty of Relationships”

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this fabulous article. Jeannie is an incredible woman. Her drive and passion inspires me and I am so blessed to be a part of this company. Beauty Society is a company with a conscience through our Treasure Not Trash policy and a company with compassion, through our Giving Back to women in war torn countries through Women for Women International. If you would like to learn more about our products or our amazing opportunity please contact me anytime.

  2. jennifer lipe says:

    Wow, great photos and article. You leave me intrigued and curious at the same time. I would love to learn more about Beauty Society.

  3. Lisa says:

    Beauty Society is thrilled to be a Top Pick and Fan Favorite at InterviewHer. Women love our products because they deliver results…and we back that up with our 12 month money back guarantee. If you have questions or would like samples, please feel free to email me at Cheers to your beautiful skin!!

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