The Homemade Millionaire

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If you combined dedication, inspiration, and perseverance, you’d get Marcy McKenna. This power woman was the winner onkelly-ripa-and-marcy-mckenna TLC’s one and only Homemade Millionaire for her Style & Go, a hair care valet that stores all of a woman’s go to necessities. This invention has since transformed how women store their hair care and other bathroom necessities, making life a whole lot less tangled in the morning. With built in spaces for your styling tools, makeup, and accessories, this portable mirrored cabinet has a built-in power strip that let’s you safely use your iron or blow dryer from the same place that they are stored. Ladies- take note! We all know how we haven’t seen our bathroom counter in ages.


style-and-goIt all began when Marcy heard about the opportunity to compete on Homemade Millionaire. “The deadline was at 12 am, and when I heard about it, it was already 10 pm California time,” she explains to, “But I didn’t give up.” Marcy then contacted the production company who was in charge of the show and asked for 24 hours. Within that short time frame, McKenna put together a video showcasing her inventions in hope of sparking some interest in the producers. Over 2,000 people competed worldwide and Marcy not only made the cut, but also stole the show. After Marcy’s son created the first prototype out of Legos, Marcy reached out to a local college to assist in making the final prototype and the rest is history.

“After the show, things became extremely challenging,” Marcy admits to, “there were a lot of bumps in the road.” Although faced with some obstacles, continued to push through. Her strong belief in herself and her product was the key to success. Once the right manufacturer was found and electrical problems were solved, Marcy’s successes began to blossom- and then completely take off.

Since inventing the Style & Go, Marcy created a line of fashionable clutch purses with interchangeable covers. Instead of going to buy a new handbag every season, the “Cambia” bag allows women to change their purse according to their mood or season. As it turns out, Rachel Zoe fell in love with the purse and contacted Marcy. Together, they have partnered up to redesign and relaunch even more trendy and sophisticated clutch covers that are now currently under wraps.

the-cambia-clutchMcKenna has since invented several innovative and chic designs that have sold out on HSN. Born into a family of inventors, Marcy’s creative and pioneering ideas come as second nature. Her constant strive for success and out-of-the box thinking has set her apart from any competition and propels her forward in the marketplace. “The great thing about Homemade Millionaire, is that it put me in contact with the great people that work at The Home Shopping Network,” Marcy explains to “Networking has allowed me to be able to further make my dreams more of a reality.”

Another one of Marcy’s passions is being able to help other inventors with their ideas if they don’t know the correct steps in implementing their designs. “Inventors from all over the country have contacted McKenna since the airing of the show. Since speaking to them, she has partnered up with several different inventors in the establishment of new products. For example, My French Press, the first portable French style brewer that works with single coffee and tea inserts, was the product of collaborating with other creative minds. It’s simplistic nature makes it easy for anyone who is in a rush to grab-and-go. Once released in September, it is sure to be a hit. Needless to say, Marcy has an innate track record for creative and innovative thinking that has put her on the map. She currently has 17 products in the process of being patented, and I’m sure more to follow.

marcys-featured-productsAs for the lessons that Marcy has learned along the way, she prides herself on never allowing failure to be an option. She believes that in order for success, you must truly love the product you’re making or selling and that will shine through.“When the going gets rough, I always remind myself to put one foot in front of the other,” Marcy dishes, “Commitment is everything.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto


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