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Why should members connect with companies?

Connecting Gifts:

Once you connect with a company you will have the opportunity to receive a “Connecting Gift” from any companies who have chosen to participate. This is a unique functionality created for which entitles you to, coupons, promotions, giveaways or anything else the company decides to give to anyone who connects with them. At any given time, the company may decide to send these perks out to all of their friends. You will receive these in your personal inbox as well as your inbox.

Job Opportunities:

You will be able to see if any companies are hiring full time, part time or interns.

Instant Communication:

You will have instant communication through our “Chat” functionality.


Why should companies connect with other companies?


Once your company connects with other companies you will be able to barter with them to exchange goods or services. The bartering feature is unique to ;


  • Exchange ideas with other companies in similar industries.
  • Companies can join forces to offer larger discounts or by buying/ordering supplies together.
  • Companies can plan and coordinate events with other companies in their local areas.
  • See what the competition is doing to better price your products or services.
  • Send each other referrals if you cannot fulfill a particular order instead of losing money or customers.


Buzz and Buzz Board

The Buzz page:

What is the “Buzz” page?

This is where you will find status updates for members and companies.

Status Updates:

Below the 5 logo photos you will see “All Members” and “My Friends,” if you click on “All Members” you will see status updates of all members in our social network. If you click on “My Friends” you will see the status updates for your friends only.

How do I “Tag” someone when I comment in the “Spread the word…” section?

Just type in the symbol “@” before any individual or company’s username. A Company or Member username may not be exact name you know them by. To find out their exact username just click on their profile and you will see their username on the left hand side of the “No Filter” dropdown button. Their username will show up with “@” before it.

Once you get their username just go to “The Buzz” page and tag them (ex: @Interviewher), then press the “Post Update” button. Your comment will be then show up as a link. The user you tagged will be able to see that you tagged them when they click on the “@username Mentions” link.


What are “My Groups?”

Under the “Spread the word…” box you will see a mini drop-down button that reads “Post in: My Profile.” The 2nd choice will be to post to your type of group. For example: if you are a company, the drop down button will give you the choice of posting in the group: “Companies.” If you are a member, the drop-down button will give you the choice of posting in the group: “Members.”

Once you have posted a comment in your own group, you will see your comment when you click on the “My Groups” tab.

If you would like to see who else has posted comments in your same group just go to “Companies (if you are a company) or Members (if you are a member) and click on the “Home” button.

What does the @yourname Mentions mean?

If you click on it you will see any member or company who has ever mentioned you.

How do I post a picture?

Just go to the picture you would like to upload and copy and paste the link onto the “Spread the word…” section. If you have downloaded your photo’s on a website such as “” just click on the picture of your choice, slide your mouse over that photo then click on “Share” button, then “More Options” and copy the specific “HTML for websites & blogs” code and paste it onto our “Spread the word…” section. Your picture will now pop up instead of a link.

How do I post a video?

It’s easy! just copy and past the link of that particular video onto the “Spread the word…” section in the “Buzz” or “Buzz Board” pages. If you would like to add text to your post, simply hit the space bar after you have copied and pasted the link of your choice and type whatever you’d like. (Ex: if you go to You tube, click on the video you would like to share, highlight the address on your browser and copy it. Then, just paste it onto the “Spread the word…” section. Once you click on the “Post update” button you will see the video).

What is the “Into it” button?

When you like something you read or see in “The Buzz” page, just click the “Into It” button. When you click this button, the individual or company will be notified that you are “into” their status update.

What is the “Favorite” button?

This is anything you would like to make part of your favorite section. When you make something a “Favorite” the person or individual will be notified that you made their status update a “Favorite.” If you would like to see what your friends have made a “Favorite” just click on their profile, click on their “Buzz Board” then click on “Favorites.” All of their “Favorites” will show up. If you would like to see anything you have personally made a “Favorite” just click on your “Profile” and click your “Buzz Board” then click on “Favorites” and you will see all of your favorites.


Buzz Board page

What is the “Buzz Board” page?

This is where all of your own activity happens. If someone has ever tagged you, made your comment a “favorite” or is “into” any of your posts you will find this in your “Buzz Board.”





Why can’t I see the full profile of an individual or company?

This means you are not connected to them. You will need to click on the “Connect” button and they will be notified that you have requested to connect with them.

Why does the information on member and company profiles show up as links?

When you are looking at your own profile or any other profile within the social network you will notice that all of the responses to the profile questions are underlined. When you click on these you will find anyone who has that particular thing in common (ex: if someone went to UCLA just click on it and you will find everyone who went to UCLA within the social network). If the link is a website or email address, it will take you directly to the website or email.

How do I change my password?

If you go to your “Profile” and click on “Settings” you will be able to change your password on this page.

How do I switch my member profile to be a company profile (and vice versa)?

Just go to your “Profile” and click on “Edit Profile.” Below your name you will have the option to switch between a “Member” profile or a “Company” profile. You can also do this by clicking on the link, “General” which is below “Editing Member Profile Group.”

How do I change my profile picture?

Go to your “Profile” and click on “Change Picture.”

How do I edit the information on my profile, such as: Industry, Website, etc.?

Go go your “Profile” and click on “Edit Profile.” You will see 3 links under “Editing General Profile Group.” The second link will say what you are, Member or Company. Click on the second link and it will take you to where you can edit your full profile.

How do I refer friends?

There are a few ways to refer friends. One of the best ways to refer friends is by going to “Guide” and clicking on the “Build Your Network” link. Here you will be able to post a note on Facebook that would let everyone know your note is coming from the social network. You can also refer friends by clicking on the “Refer Friends” button on the right hand side of the page, below the “Log Out” button. Another way to refer friends is by going to your profile and clicking on the “Refer Friends” button.

What are “Quick Notes”?

This is the note with the red thumbtack that shows up on every ones profile page. These are notes you can leave up as long as you’d like or change as frequently as you’d like. This function is unique and was built to keep your most important updates visible as long as you’d like. (Tip: If you are a company, it is a great idea to post your website on your “Quick Note” to drive traffic to your site).

How do I update my “Quick Notes”?

Just go to your “Profile” and click on the link: “Quick Notes” under Editing General Profile Group. Here you will be able to put 3 of your most important notes.


Thank you for connecting gift

For Members:

This is an incentive for you to follow your favorite companies. This unique functionality allows individuals to receive all sorts of goodies from companies whether it’s a coupon, discount, giveaway, private sales or anything else they may decide to extend to you “just because.”

For Companies:

This function is free of charge. It was created to help companies create a buzz about their products and services; and hopefully make a little money while doing it. We strongly recommend companies to add a “Thank You For Connecting” gift to increase their traffic, sales, visibility and customer loyalty. A company can promote discounts, giveaways, private sales, events, coupons or anything else it may decide to extend to its network of followers.

How does the Connecting Gift work?

Companies post “Connecting Gifts” at their convenience. The company makes all the rules for their own connecting gifts including expiration date and any exclusions.

Members will see if there is a connecting gift before they are connected as a friend of the Company by the green button that reads: “Connect With Me Receive Thank You Gift”.

Once the member or other company is connected to that company, they will automatically receive the gift for connecting in their personal in-box and their inbox. At any given time the company may decide to change their gift and send that new gift to all of their followers.

How do I edit my Connecting Gift?

For Companies: If you are a company and would like to edit your “Connecting Gift” go to your profile and click on “Settings,” then click on “Connecting Gift” and edit your “Thank You For Connecting Gift” here.

Why is there a choice for me to send my Connecting Gift to myself?

For Companies: You will find this button at the bottom of the page where you edit your Connecting Gift and it reads: Send Preview to Self. By clicking on this button, you will be able to see exactly what shows up when anyone receives your gift.

What are the tricks to posting a great Connecting Gift?

For Companies: The trick to adding a great “Connecting Gift” is to add as much detail to as possible like attaching a photo, a logo, a value, terms and limitations, expiration’s, etc. You can create an attachable coupon as a jpg. then upload it.

Another great tip: Change your Connecting Gift frequently so people will want to refer you to their friends.


Job Opportunities

How to Post a Job:

For Companies: Just go to your “Profile,” click on the “Job Openings” tab and click on the word “Manage” in red. Now you can add Job Opportunities.

Why Post Job Opportunities?

By posting job opportunities within the social network, a company will be able to spread the word quickly among’s special community. It also allows the company to directly target specific members who may fit the position. If connected to these individuals, you will have access to instant communication through our “Chat” capabilities.

How to search for a job:

If the company has a “Jobs Available” button on their profile, just click on it and you will see any open positions as well as instructions on how to apply to that particular position. Another way to search for job opportunities is by clicking on the button “Job Search” and search away!




What is bartering?

Trading or exchanging goods or services with others without necessarily having to spend money.

How do I let people know my company is open to bartering?

Go to your “Profile,” click on “Settings” then click on “Bartering.” If you are open to bartering, make sure you click on “Yes” and then click on “Save Changes.”

How can my company barter with other companies?

If you decide that your company could benefit from trading goods or services, just search for the company of your choice in the “Companies” section at the top. Once you click on “Companies” you can search by company name, industry, or just scroll down until you find the company you are looking for. If you see a company with the “Open to bartering” button even before connecting you will know that particular company likes to barter and is open to it. Just connect with that company, click on that “Open to bartering” button which will initiate communication and barter away!


How do I get an article to be written about me and my company?

Just click on the top right hand corner, where it says “What’s your story” and submit a story about your company and some information about yourself. We investigate all leads!

How to connect with Companies:

Go to “Companies” and click on the button that says “Search Companies.” Find the companies of your choice and connect.

How to Connect with Individuals:

Go to “Members” and click on the button that says “Search Members.” Find the members of your choice and connect.

What is the “Guide” button?

This will take you back to the page you saw when you first signed up for the social network. The “Guide” will basically guide you through the site.

What does it mean when an individual or company has a “Read Our Featured Article” button on their page?

When you see this button, you will know that they have been interviewed by us. Just click on the link to read about the company and the fabulous women who started each company.

How can I delete my account if I signed up using Facebook Connect?

If you have joined via the Facebook connect functionality you will need to take an extra step to completely delete your account. After you delete your account information inside then do the following:

  1. Login to the Facebook account you used to connect with
  2. Go to the Privacy Settings page from the “Account” drop-down menu located at the top of any page on Facebook.
  3. Click the “Edit your settings” link under the Applications and Websites section towards the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the application you’d like to remove. If you don’t see the application listed, you can find it by clicking the Edit Settings button towards the top right-hand side of the page.
  5. You’ll then see an expanded view of your settings for that application. From here, you can click the “Remove application” link. Once you confirm you’d like to remove the application, it will no longer have access to your data and be removed from your profile, bookmarks, and your Applications and Games Dashboards.


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Technical Issues, Spam and Reporting:

If you are experiencing technical issues, receiving Spam or would like to report an individual or a company, please contact us immediately at: