How to Publish a Book

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Daisy Whitney is the host of New Media Minute, a personal business owner and the author of The Mockingbirds, a young adult novel to be released on November 2, 2010. She started her personal business when she was 24-years-old and has experienced great success since then. So, what’s her secret? “I rarely said no. If you don’t do it, someone else will,” she said enthusiastically. “I will almost always say yes, that’s my business philosophy.”

Whitney also believes business development should be on the to-do list each day. “Always be hungry and keep an eye out for upcoming clients,” she said. And, although she works from home, Whitney follows her rule of being showered and dressed (without elastic waist bands) before the start of each work day even though business can be conducted from the couch.

Think you’d like to turn your ideas into a novel? Here’s Daisy Whitney’s advice on how to publish your first book:

First, write it – it seems obvious, but you need to just do it. For whatever you want to do, even if you’re not writing a book, you have to make time. Schedule time in your day to do it – make it an hour a day.

Enlist your friends to help and polish it many times over. Share your writing with fellow writers and friends. Get feedback from others who are interested.

Look for literary agents online. Google is a treasure trove of agents. Be sure to look at their requirements for proposals. In 98% of cases, you need a literary agent, especially for fiction.

Submit your manuscript to a publishing house.

Written by: Christa Fletcher

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