A Piece of Heaven

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For faith-driven businesswoman Kelly Dixon, her company, Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge, is more than just a job. It is the memory of a finger dipped in the warm leftovers of a just-poured batch of fudge. It is the aromatic smell of melted chocolate and it is the smooth taste of a perfectly made batch.

It is the memory of her mother, Fern Dixon (maiden name Offenbacher), the family’s resident fudge maker who passed away in 2001. “The last things she made before she died was a pan of fudge,” Dixon remembers of her mother.

After her mother’s passing, Dixon knew she wanted to keep making fudge, just as her mother had year after year during the holiday season.

There was just one problem. Dixon herself, always an eager spectator ready to dip her finger into the skillet to enjoy the leftover chocolate, didn’t actually know how to make it. “I had only made it one time over the phone,” Dixon explains, describing a frustrating phone call during which her mother advised her to stir the fudge “until it is done.”

Slightly daunted, Dixon sidelined the project until, in 2009, she decided to recreate her mother’s fudge in a big way.

Dixon practiced the recipe until it was perfect, and then created her company: Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge, named after the woman who had begun making fudge the year she was married in 1938. Dixon rented a commercial kitchen to turn out larger batches and made her first official launch into the market at a Dallas trade show.

Now, for the second year in a row, Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge has a permanent booth at the gourmet foods section of the World Trade Center, and Dixon is in negotiations with QVC while also looking to upgrade her kitchen to it’s own commercial facility.

Of her success, Dixon gives all the credit to God for putting the right circumstances and people in her life. “Everything happens for a reason. I know God has a plan for me,” she says.

To future female entrepreneurs, Dixon encourages women to lean on their faith and lean on their friends. “I would say, embrace your friends. Your true friends are going to be there to support you. Don’t resist it,” she says. “Just realize that that’s God helping you. He’s sending help.”

 Written by: Mary Ronau
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