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Sharon Naylor’s peak work hours are from 5 a.m. – 11 a.m. These are the times during which she feels most creative, efficient and motivated. Located just thirty minutes outside of New York City, Naylor’s office is Caribbean inspired, complete with a working fish tank. “I’ve made my home office a haven,” Naylor explains to


How did Naylor, the acclaimed wedding author, establish such a cozy setup? She’s been writing since she was sixteen years old. When she was 21 and began planning her own wedding, Naylor suddenly realized she’d accumulated too much information to fit in one article.The logical solution?

Naylor tells she decided to publish a book.

At the time, she was young, inexperienced and living overseas. Still, she managed to find an agent and her career took off from there.

“The first and most important lesson I learned was to pick something unique and specialize in it.” And specialize she did, as Naylor has just signed on to write her 38th – yes, you read right, 38th book!

Despite having 37 books already under her belt, Naylor’s next book is an exciting new venture as she’ll be transition from weddings into cookbooks, an obvious offshoot of the wedding industry books she’s so accomplished at writing.


“Food is one of my main passions,” Naylor tells Since food is such an integral part of weddings, her latest transition only makesThe-Ultimate-Bridal-Shower-Idea-Book sense.

After cookbooks, she said she’s interested in moving into young adult novels. She confesses to that she wants to keep writing forever.  But besides books, she likes to keep things fresh by writing articles and by blogging.

Naylor describes her current body of work as “an information catch-all in all the different industries that make up the wedding industry.” Her books cover a range of topics relating to bridesmaids, mothers’ of the brides, and of course, the brides themselves!

The bubbly author explains that her book “Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book: How to Have a Fun, Fabulous and Memorable Party” has resonated most with her readers. Naylor explains to that she really went “off the grid” with ideas and the book has become the one she’s the most proud of and the one that was the most fun writing.


Naylor’s experience in the business makes her an invaluable resource for would-be writers, and she offers a plethora of advice to writers and publishers in the making.

First, she emphasizes the importance of networking. Naylors tells us: “To be successful at this, you really have to nurture your network.” The author explains how there were no social media outlets when she first started writing. Instead, she struck up friendships with colleagues she met in-person.

your-wedding-your-wayIn the age of social media, the outlet has changed but the concept has not. Naylor stresses the importance of developing meaningful relationships with all your contacts. Reach out to them in a personalized way. “If you can involve people in your field with what you’re doing, that becomes a multi-pronged promotional tool,” she advises.

Naylor also emphasizes professionalism on the Internet. Potential colleagues and associates have access to your entire twitter feed and Facebook status updates if they want it. Any negative posts on social media sites can come back to haunt you. On the other side of the coin, it’s easy to gain quick insight into the personalities of your potential colleagues, too.

“You really just have to be smart about reading the people that you’re networking with to know who you can trust and who you can’t,” she says.


Naylor also advises new business owners to become familiar with the tenants of business. She suggests adult night classes to the newly self-employed, where they can learn things like tax management.

And, like any good mentor, Naylor is quick to offer encouragement to those having trouble pitching their book concepts. “It’s crowded out there,” she says. Right now, reality show stars and celebs are trending on the market. If that’s not you, “don’t get discouraged,” Naylor says. “Like a wave, it’ll go by.”


Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Bridgette Larcada

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