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We all know a woman’s handbag isn’t only a fashion statement, but a storage compartment for everything she owns. Bolzano Handbags has reinvented purses for the modern woman who is looking for functionality without having to compromise her style. Not only does this stylish accessory compliment your every outfit, its sleek and contemporary design is what made it famous.


Leylani Cardoso, the designer of Bolzano handbags along with her mother, tells us that the inspiration for this company was ignited in the streets of Italy. “As I was walking in the streets, I saw a woman who was on a Vespa wearing high heels, chic clothes, and had her hair and makeup done,” Cardoso explains, “It made me realize that was exactly what I wanted my company to be about. I didn’t want any woman to have to compromise her look because of today’s schedule and demands.”

Leylani’s background in the duty-free industry for airlines is what gave her the motivation to start her own line of handbags. This  fabulous entrepreneur also owns Duty Free World, Inc., a magazine featured in airplanes. Once this magazine discontinued a specific brand of handbags after their six-month commitment, no one was able to supply for Cardoso’s company. Although many would become discouraged at the harsh blow of failure, Leylani took this opportunity as a positive learning experience, which led her to start her own handbag collection.

bolzanoEquipped with multiple compartments for your cell phone, passport, and wallet, Bolzano’s “belt bag” has got women buzzing like a bee’s nest. Designed specifically for the traveling, working, social woman, this accessory is fashion made simple.  Made with the highest quality leather that doesn’t wrinkle, crease, discolor, or crack when thrown into your suitcase during your daily travels, this handbag is a fashion investment that will prove to keep on giving.

Since 2002, when Leylani and her mother started to work on their first line, it proved to be somewhat difficult to get their feet off the ground. “Starting this project involved a lot of time traveling overseas for the production process,” Cardoso dishes, “Finding the right manufacturer who has your best interests at heart is the most important thing. You have to find someone who will use all of the material wisely, because this usually determines whether you win or lose money.”

It has since taken them four years to see any return on their investment, which has been a time filled with trial and error. “We played it by ear and understood a lot of the time, things aren’t going to go the way you plan,” Leylani exclaims, “You need a lot of patience and time. Setting aside some sort of fund incase things go wrong will help you save a lot of time and money during the beginning phases.”

With an utmost important emphasis on the quality of their products, Cardoso explains there have been several mishaps where the production has gone awry. “There was one time where we were spending a lot of time overseas for production and some of the bags had been done incorrectly,” Leylani confesses, “Not only did this mean we had wasted expensive materials, but we also suffered a big loss because we weren’t willing to risk everything we put into our brand for people to disregard our company as one with bad quality items.”


The multiple and spectacular women whom they have met during their travels around the world incessantly inspire Leylani and her mother. “Meeting these women all over the world who are living their dreams every single day of their lives, inspires and motivates us to creative functional, beautiful bags for them,” Leylani tells us.

Amidst the hectic business aspects of owning a business of any sort, Cardoso reinforces the most important piece of the puzzle that makes everything possible: confidence. “Believing in yourself and your ability to reach your goal is the most crucial part,” Leylani explains, “Once you begin to have doubts in your vision, others around you begin to have even bigger doubts because they look to you for leadership. Even though it’s tough, engaging into this leadership role has a lot of positive returns. This business isn’t made for anyone with a weak stomach.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette


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