Comic Relief from Man Grief

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The toilet seat is down, but you don’t have to be! – Mrs. No More – Your first year guide to the great divide, is a narrative non-fiction guide written by Valerie Scott. It’s your map quest from matrimony to alimony. It offers tips, examples and samples for navigating your way through your firsts of firsts. This guide is not concerned with the “who, what, when, where and why” you ended up a Mrs. No More. You are here. Sample “firsts” includes handling valerie-scottbirthdays, holidays, anniversaries and adversities with dignity or a Daiquiri.

Each month will shine the spotlight on Divas of Divorce and a tale from the dark side of dissolution (some women just can’t move on). You’ll come to understand what good company you’re in. In my research, I discovered a huge void in the divorce dialogue – no humor in the horror of it all. If you look hard enough you’ll find the funny in all the chaos and foibles during your transition from couple to one singular sensation. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Choose laughter. It won’t ruin your mascara and you won’t be constantly in search of tissue, Visine or vodka.


If you’re looking to read about a fictional female who may be in the market for the aforementioned guide, Valerie Scott’s novel, Rock, Paper, Scissors, a semi-finalist in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition explores one woman’s should I stay, or should I go when her marriage is compromised. The novel explores the rocky marriage of Beverly and Addington Moore. Beverly is an “expert” on the subject of relationships. In her latest book, Tick Tock, her mission statement is, “we are a society obsessed with all things pleasurable and intolerant of any person place or thing that get in our way.

valerie-scottIn her opinion, “people are crossing the Rubicon without any thought or consideration to those left behind. If this epidemic of emotional apathy continues, we as a society are doomed from the womb to the tomb.” Addington lives in the moment. He has to – it’s his job as the creator and executive producer of the hit show “IT” which is responsible for keeping its viewers hip to all things “IT.” Unbeknownst to Beverly, he’s doing it with Sasha, the host of the show. He belongs to a growing number of undiagnosed sex addicts. This addiction usually comes to light after one is caught with their pants down. It’s not his fault. He has a disease. Addington loves Beverly but can’t help his need to steed.

A chance exchange with a Hindi chauffeur leads to Beverly’s fateful choice of Bali, Indonesia as their anniversary celebration destination. It’s not so nice in paradise when secrets are revealed and a day trip turns into a search and rescue. Both e-books are currently available on Amazon/Kindle and (Barnes & Noble). Download a sample and read for yourself.

Valerie Scott is a former Warner Bros. Studio staff publicist and currently freelances as a writer and publicist. She has written numerous screenplays, two of which won the title of best screenplay at the Moondance Film Festival and the Broad Humor Film Festival.

Valerie is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences. She was the recipient of the Guy Alexander Hanks-Marvin Miller Screenwriting Fellowship Program sponsored by Dr. Bill Cosby at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema & Television and is a Writers Boot Camp Alumni. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California with Dolly, her divorce dog.

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