Designing Women

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When designing a home or interior space of any kind, one must take steps in a specific order towards the ultimate goal of completion. An overall concept is decided upon and then each element is intricately placed in harmony or contrast with the next to create a visually pleasing outcome. Andrea, Ashley and Casey make up the dream team that is Avenue Interior Design. These innovative ladies have eyes for design and minds for business. Not only do they design for the ultimate in luxury, but they also created an online design-and-buy store for the masses. is the interactive website that charges you per square foot and then uses your preferences to make your mind’s eye a reality.

“Fine tuning our concept was extremely time consuming (and truthfully, it’s a never ending process), but it’s also really rewarding of course!” states Andrea. “Developing a business plan is important in a number of ways (there are a lot of templates and examples to follow online). Even if it isn’t formal, it establishes a course of action for your business and helps define future goals. Financial projections (also known as an income analysis) are important part of the business plan – you need to know how much revenue it’s going to take to cover your basic expenses (let alone a livable salary:). Estimating your projections will give you a goal to achieve and help alleviate stress when those bills start arriving! For us, doing our business plan helped raise important issues that we hadn’t necessarily thought of- like internal operating procedures (who’s going to be in charge of what until that office manager gets hired!).”

The ladies go on to say how they turned to a lawyer for legal help to manage their business formation, licenses, permits and getting their name approved. After carefully mapping out their plan and then purchasing specific elements to complete their business design, they hired graphic designers to make their websites shine, just like a big, red, front door!

The ladies of Avenue Interior Design leave us with these words of practicality, “Starting your own business can be daunting – stick to what you know best and look to trusted professionals for guidance (don’t be afraid to ask for help and second opinions!). We’ve found that when people are excited about your concept, they’re usually very inclined to help!”

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