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IH: At what point in your life did you know acting was going to be your career?
VALERY ORTIZ: Wow! Honestly, reading those words is so surreal. Now! Ha ha! No, just kidding, I definitely knew once I made the commitment to move and stay here in Los Angeles, CA. At least I knew I’d try. If that wasn’t my plan, back then, I wouldn’t have stayed here.

IH: So far, what have been the major highlights of your career?
VALERY ORTIZ: My very first red carpet movie premiere with my brother Hector as my date! Definitely watching ‘Date Movie’ in the movie theatre and seeing my name in the credits. THAT moment was amazing! Booking my first TV series and having my parents come to set! Booking my first voice over. And most recently, booking my second series regular role in a TV Series on ‘Hit the Floor’. Whoa! Those all instantly make me feel happy and so, SO, lucky.

IH: As an actor, what are some of the sacrifices you need to make in order to be successful in this business?
VALERY ORTIZ: For me, the biggest sacrifice is being so far away from my family. That has to be the most difficult so far.

IH: What have you learned within the last 5 years that you wish you knew way before?
VALERY ORTIZ: Ooooh great question! Hmm, I’d say I’ve learned to trust my instincts and although I’ve always been pretty good at that, I’ve learned it EVEN MORE within the last 5 years.

IH: How do you deal with negativity in the industry including not booking a particular role?
VALERY ORTIZ: Negativity in the industry is difficult but honestly, you get use to it. Or I guess, I got use to it! You’re constantly being judged, looked at, rejected, etc. I’m not sure that will ever get better but you learn how to change the way you react or feel about it. As far as auditioning, it’s always tough falling in love with a role or a project and not getting it but I TRULY believe (and have had proof) that if it’s for you, it’s for you! There’s no need to get too worked up or sad about things not happening the way you wished. Things always happen for a reason!

IH: What amazing things are in the mix for you right now? 
VALERY ORTIZ: I am still extremely proud to be the host of ‘American Latino TV’ (www.AmericanLatino.tv) You can also catch me stopping by the ABC Familly Lounge once in a while! I’ve also wrapped on several things! Two movies called ‘Dumbbells’ and ‘From a Place of Darkness’ and a webseries called ‘Cowgirl Up’. And most recently, my new TV series on VH1 called ‘Hit the Floor’! I can NOT WAIT until you all see it!

IH: Now to the juicy part, tell us about your new hit show Hit The Floor and the character you will be playing?
VALERY ORTIZ: Oooooh yes! ‘Hit the Floor’ is Vh1’s second hour long scripted drama following the lives of the professional dancers for the Los Angeles Devils basketball team. For the fellas, you have the ins and outs of everything basketball, coaching, and of course the hot ladies and dance routines from the mind of Michael Rooney! For the chicas, we have the ins and out of the professional dance world, the edge of your seat drama, and of course the eye candy that is our sexy basketball players and leading men!

IH: When can we tune in to see you rock it?!
VALERY ORTIZ: Aw thank you! Mark your calendars! Set your DVR! Tell your friends! Memorial Day! Monday, May 27th at 9:00pm on VH1!

IH: What makes this show different to any other shows or movies you have been apart of?
VALERY ORTIZ: OMG it’s so sexy, dramatic, and it leaves you wanting more! There’s NOTHING like it on TV right now! And honestly, I’m in such a special place in my life so this experience has been completely different then the others. I felt so in the moment, so lucky, proud and excited. I’m usually in my head so to take time to (really) let all the different stages of this experience soak in was really special for me.

IH: Your best advice for aspiring actors.
VALERY ORTIZ: As cliche and corny as it sounds – Don’t give up! Stay focused, get coached, have hobbies, stay busy and don’t give up!

IH: Tell us something unique about yourself people do not expect to know about you.
VALERY ORTIZ: I’m kinda shy! It’s really random but I get incredibly nervous when I have to talk in front of people I don’t know. My heart beats super fast and I breathe extra deep. I took a ballet class last year and everyone had to sit in a circle, say their name and something about themselves. I mean, I can’t even tell you how nervous I was! I rehearsed what I was going to say a hundred times in my head and none of it came out when it was actually my turn! It happens to me all the time. I mean the nerves are insane!

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