Family Ties

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This retail therapy has been brought to you from Shorewood, Wisconsin, in a unique and dynamic way since October 2007. A mother-daughter powerhouse who both own SHOP, have proven to overcome several challenges with poise and style. Both, who have a lot of helpful advice, give us an introspective look on owning a business in today’s

Liz, the daughter, tells us that opening a clothing store has always been one of her dreams. Since college, she had worked in retail management for several years. She always had an eye for fashion, and wanted to open her own business. “The only thing holding me back was my fear of failure,” she explains. Liz soon conquered her fear with the help of the one woman who has always been there for her: mom.

Mary, Liz’s mother, was a retired businesswoman when her daughter came to her with a bright idea. “She told me about opening her own clothing store, and I told her I wanted to be apart of it. I have a strong background in business, and I thought this would be a wonderful venture. After living here for 20 years, the connections I have built over time have really proven to help us,” Mom explains.

With their target being more contemporary and classic clothing, this duo always look for good quality fabrics that will last you a long time without breaking the bank.  “We wanted to be the place where you found your favorite black pants that you always wear,” Liz clarifies, “the most important aspect of our company are the customers; we want to make them feel good. We look for brands we feel are a great value for what they are, so our customers get their money’s worth.”

Some might think working with your mother would be frustrating and difficult, but for Liz and Mary, it’s been the complete opposite. “As far as business goes,” Mary justifies, “I think we make great partners. We both handle problems in a calm and patient way, which allows us to work through everything. We can be honest with each other in how we’re feeling, which isn’t usually the case when you’ve hired employees you don’t know on the same level.”


Liz explains it’s wonderful to have her mother as the voice of reason during times where an outside perspective is necessary. “She’s taught me to always take the high road and be gracious. We both support each other, and maintain a dignified public face, even if we’re mad about something that’s happened.”


Although faced with hard economic times, Liz explains they’ve managed to keep their business open by minimizing costs. Investing in inventory, and not having any employees are some of their cost-curbing techniques that helped to maintain their business. “Things you can’t predict, like the market crashing, was the biggest surprise for us,” Liz clarifies, “But at the same time, focusing on the economy has helped to motivate us to succeed in every way we can.”


If there’s any advice this forceful duo can give, it’s not being afraid to ask questions. “It’s surprising how much people will open up about their businesses once you start asking questions. You can’t seem timid or afraid that someone’s not going to want to share with you. If they don’t, they don’t, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette


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