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Feeling and looking fabulous highly affects the average persons daily demeanor. Amy Lynn Grover and Keith are a pair of fitness fanaticsamy-lynn-grover who deeply understand the “feel good, look good” concept. Not only do they look the part, but also they live, love and completely believe in it. Together, they have formed Kuladevi, a physical and mental lifestyle that promises to help you reach fitness goals, while maintaining a positive existence and all together healthier outlook on life. recently had the opportunity to chat with Amy as she explained Kuladevi’s beginnings and her personal motivators.


The Short of The Long

“My company is about feeling good from the inside out.  The core of our business is hosting retreats in amazing locals (no studio) – we take the participants out of their “comfort zone” into a new realm of possibilities.  I help clients and participants reach their goals organically, by understanding the process (not by taking some magic pill, shake or weird diet plan).  I’ve developed nutritional and exercise programs that can be easily transferred into daily life.  I don’t see the point in spending money on a quick fix or fad to just end up back in the same spot or worse 2-4 months later.  My goal is to enlighten participants into achieving their goals with healthy lifestyle changes.  I don’t believe in starvation diets or killing clients so hard at the gym that they never want to exercise again.  I believe in lifestyle, a healthy balance, no diets, or gimmicks. Just start where you are (with goals in mind), and gradually get there step by step.”


Making Moves

“I moved to LA from Toronto a few years ago to continue and grow with my modeling and acting career, but about a year in (even after booking some pretty large campaigns) I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled from any of the work, and I was dealing with some weight issues of my own upon moving to LA – who wouldn’t? Almost every girl is wafer thin, smokes a pack a day, drinks coffee and is on some kind of prescription drug to keep themselves “LA” thin.  It’s hard to not compare yourself to all that on a superficial level.  It’s industry standard to be thin. Until you get to the bottom of it, and realize the truth, most of these girls are hurting, they are insecure just like me and they have developed some kind of an eating disorder.”


Fitness First

“Fitness had always been a passion of mine.  I had grown up as strong individual, always had a high self-esteem and a great body.  I took good care of myself and ate well – I ate meat (cookies and ice cream on occasion), point being, I never counted a calorie.  Once I moved to LA, it was all about this pill or that diet and above all else conforming to the “vegetarian diet”.   Since I was a kid I played sports in high school, was a competitive dancer, and into all kinds of outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, sailing, windsurfing and wake boarding.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  So even me, the kid who had a level head on her shoulders had a tough time with the LA scene, it’s so easy to get wrapped up into all the fads and the “ideas” of how one should look.  So I went back to basics, starting with my personal training certification, and then evolving that part time business into a full time career.  I took my initial 200-hour yoga certification and that is when my world changed dramatically for the better.  The experience changed my life in a way that no book or diet could.  I saw everything differently and wanted to enlighten others with the knowledge I had just learned. There is no 1 way; every individual is just that – an individual with individual needs.  My goal is to guide my client into making healthy lifestyle changes.”


What’s in a name?

“We were looking for something unique, something different than XYZ Fitness etc. Kula means family and Devi means god or goddess.  With that we welcome you to join our family and find the god or goddess within yourself.”

Common Goals

“Funny story – Keith and I met each other on our teacher training, our relationship started first. Once we started talking we discovered we shared many of the same goals and thought of the common idea. It just snowballed from there.  Opening a company is a big investment with both time and money.  However we had a vision and saw it though from concept to execution.”


Time and Money

“Every day is different, we deal with our business like our yoga practice – if things are hard or difficult we breathe through them by knowing they will get better and we will push through. Our prices vary based on different retreat locals, the cost of their resort fees, the season and length of stay. Our retreat packages vary from $900 – $3000. We don’t have a studio, so in LA we teach privates and semi privates anywhere from 1-6 people usually.  At one of our retreats it will range from 25-40 people. We have actually just finished planning our September retreat in Santa Barbara at the White Lotus.” Amy continues on to explain the company dynamic, “We really love working with people and seeing their results.  We are a boutique company with big ideas.  Above all else we have 30+ years combined experience in the health, nutrition and fitness industry. Our products in our online store have been selectively chosen because we believe in their benefits and have personally used them. When something is tried, tested and true – you know it works.”


Firm Foundations

“Starting a company is more complex than a person would think. There are so many little details. I think I was expecting it to all happen over night, I now know it is a whole process, it’s a good thing I know how to breath and have patience! We have structured Kuladevi with a strong foundation, organized so that we can run it efficiently. I’ve learned to take every day in stride and have realized it can’t all be done over night.”

A Word To The Wise

“Be unrealistic, no one ever gets anywhere by being realistic. If you have big dreams, think big, and make a plan.”



Written and edited by: Bridgette Larcada



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