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Ladies, are you tired of toting around dysfunctional diaper bags? Are you looking for a convenient travel bag that can keep all your personal items organized? Whatchyagot bags are not only functional, convenient, and compact; they have endless possibilities. The  bags are perfect for storing medicines, baby necessities, and items needed when travelling.


Julie Gallegos

They contain several elastic loops, a large insulated pocket as well as enclosed pockets for storage and can even expand or fold out to lay flat. Founder Julie Gallegos began WhatchyaGot Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah with a vision. She told that as her business has grown and gained popularity, she has realized that the bag she designed is more versatile then she could have ever imagined.

The idea to create this multipurpose bag came about soon after Gallegos’ father was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. She noticed that her father would leave family events early because he was unable to carry all of the medications and supplies he needed. “I just thought to myself what can I do to make this a comfortable convenient situation for my father and other people like him,” Gallegos explained. She searched the Internet for medical bags with insulated pockets and easy access, but was not satisfied with what she found. “I took it upon myself. I thought I’m going to design a bag that I envision to be functional and convenient at the same time so that they can have their most personal things with them to carry in an easy and comfortable manner,” she said.

After telling her father about her idea, Gallegos began designing the bag. She found an old piece of carry on luggage, went to the fabric store, sewed and pinned, and began contacting people. She read some books and began researching different manufacturers and where she could have prototypes made. She decided to trademark, copyright, and promote her business’s brand and name. “That would set me a part like all the other big brands in the market. So, that’s what I chose to do,” she said.


Although Gallegos previously owned businesses and has had an entrepreneurial spirit since the age of ten, she experienced several challenges when she opened WhatchyaGot Inc. in October of 2009 and launched the website a year later. “It was a tough process to find out different manufacturers and people who do prototypes. It was a lot of trial and error in the beginning,” Gallegos explained. The biggest challenge was doing things in a cost effective manner. She researched and experimented with different manufacturers in China and took it upon herself to pitch, contact companies and do trade shows. “I’ve had a lot of good feedback and experience from that. I’ve learned so much along the way about pitching a product and what comes from it,” Gallegos said. Opening a business is never easy, but Gallegos advises others to preserve and not give up. “Trust, it will come to you, just don’t give up.”

Along with designing the bags, Gallegos is very passionate about giving back. A portion of the proceeds from WhatchyaGot bags is donated to programs, organizations, survivors and their families. She also enjoys holding events for individuals and families going through a time of struggle and giving away bags at cancer infusion centers. “My whole mission is to provide a quality bag that has style and is affordable, regardless of a person’s income or social status.”

The bag Gallegos initially envisioned was for people who were experiencing chronic illness; however, she receives several phone calls from happy customers about how versatile the WhatchyaGot bags are and how much they have changed people’s lives. WhatchyaGot bags are TSA compliant and have received recognition for their use in traveling. USA Travel Magazine said, “It’s nice to know that someone has finally created a travel bag that considers a traveller’s needs, and the WhatchyaGot bags do this and more to help keep us organized on the road!”


WhatchyaGot bags have been featured in several newspapers, magazines, and TV news segments.  Gallegos continues to contact companies about selling her bags in hospital gift shops and airports. She recently received an exciting offer from Bed Bath & Beyond to have the bags sold on their website. Gallegos is happy with where WhatchyaGot Inc. is going.“ People are contacting me every day and using the bag in many different ways. I’m just really happy that it has so many features and benefits.”


Written by: Erica Mink




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