Greek Girl

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The Delta Gamma sorority’s motto is, Do Good. Jessica Wilson, who pledged to do just that when she become a Δ Γ sister at Cal State Long Beach, did good by her DNA sister, Sara Wilson.

After spending some quality time with her new sorority sisters and buying all the necessary gear that goes with all things Greek, Jessica thought she was in ancient times when she observed how outdated the Greek jewelry was. She suggested to Sara who had been designing her own jewelry line for years to give this one hundred year plus Greek organization a gold and silver makeover.

Sara did some research and quickly surmised that all the major on-line Greek apparel was in peril. “All they had to offer was all the same old product. The accessories were really repetitive – not fashion forward for young girls.”

After securing a licensing agreement with the Affinity marketing group that represents the majority of the brand marketing for the major sororities on hundreds of college campus and with seed money provided by her grandfather, Sara designed her first Delta Gamma necklace and used her sister as her walking billboard around campus. The word spread like a good rumor, and suddenly Sara was inundated with orders not only from the Delta’s, but the rest of the sororities at Cal State.


greek-girl-shopIn July of this year, Sara launched as a one stop shop for all things chic and Greek. “I’m currently designing for the future. This will be a more classic design of bracelets, necklaces and rings.”

Her business continues to grow and thrive and Sara has expanded her entrepreneurial career as she is currently pursuing a career as a make-up artist. She may already have a built in clientele – “Cap and Gown,” anyone? No matter what the outcome, Sara and the sororities she caters to are going to be around for a lifetime – and that’s a pledge.

Written by: Valerie Scott


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