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The first glance at the web site (boutiquewebdesigns.com),  is a pretty one, but don’t let the pink flowers and dreamy swirls fool you into thinking that you know everything you need to about this company. There is more to Boutique Web Designs, and it’s owner, Angela Halloran, than meets the eye.boutique-web-designs

Angela worked for a major automotive company in its marketing department for ten years. “I did web, print, marketing and planning for 94 of its offices across the county.” Angela developed expertise in everything from design to the how-to’s of dealing with legal and corporate issues. While her commitment to customer service grew, she felt something was missing.

“I felt like client’s needs were never put first. The men I worked with didn’t go above and beyond what the customer expected,” Angela explains.  “I felt I was still in a box. They wouldn’t let me be a girl and design for another woman.”


We all know you can’t hold a good woman down, so Angela switched gears. Being true to her passion for customer service and professionalism, Angela started her own company.  She started attending networking events, but soon found that the networks weren’t helping her reach her professional goals. Stuck in a networking web, Angela spun frustration into focus.  Her niche market: stay-at-home moms.  “ I wanted to help women. I wanted to give women the flexibility of being with their children, but having a second career that would keep them from feeling engulfed by their children.”

Angela’s patience and understanding is what helps her run a successful business. “If they are hiring me, they are hiring a professional who understands and they should be able to ask questions.” Angela works with companies from start-up on. She offers assistance, support, designs and even her own spreadsheets. Working this personally with her clients allows her to create an intricate, creative solution to clients’ needs.


“No matter who they talk to within my company they will always get some level of respect and appreciation for their business,”  boutique-web-designsAngela says. “That’s something that I hold dear and I feel puts me at a different level than a lot of the competition; because they won’t get on the phone with a customer.”

Angela is the sort of business person who is realistic yet maintains her passion. “You have to really know your finances.  You are going to have those days where you question what you are doing, but those who can push through them will have the greatest rewards. If you don’t love it, eventually it will just wear you down.”

If you are looking for tasteful designs and customer service that’s as smooth as silk, look no further than Boutique Web Designs. Angela will weave together your needs with style and personal care and you will be caught up in a web of success!

Written by: Sherry Liantonio

Edited by: Bridgette



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  1. Grace says:

    I enjoyed perusing Angela’s portfolio. She’s very creative! My favorite is the Ava Lane site so far.

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