If the Shoe Fits…

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Cinderella has found her missing shoe, for 50% off! ShopSavvyCinderella.com is an online classified site for everything weddings. From ring pillows to wedding dresses, this site is nicknamed the “craigslist of weddings.” You can browse products at a low price and sell different products that you own and no longer need.savvy-cinderella

Although unmarried, Meghan Lazier has been a bridesmaid seven different times. Spending these milestones with her close friends, Meghan fell in love with weddings. “I’m a person who tends to be a saver rather than a spender,” Meghan explains, “So, I’d be participating in these weddings, and I would think to myself that my big day is going to cost so much! Everyone wants their own special day, with their own themes unlike anyone has ever seen. I wanted to start a business that will help them to do so in a very financially savvy way.”

At the time of the launch of this website in March of 2010, Lazier was working full-time in marketing as a freelancer. Being the sole owner of her own business, she hired interns before the site even launched. “It’s really helpful to just have interns there to have someone else’s energy being devoted to the project as well.” “Eventually, I hope to provide a firm financial ground for newlyweds to start off on; I want to conduct marriage counseling, too,” Lazier explains.


Meghan has learned many beneficial tips during the trial and error period of opening her own business from the ground up. “I could have definitely completed this process a lot cheaper, and interviewed more people,” Meghan clarifies, “But if I learn from a mistake, that’s all that matters.”

savvy-cinderellyWhen having to make important decisions in your business, Lazier stresses the importance of always going with your gut feeling. With advertising on Google and The Wedding Channel, social media is a very important to this website in gaining popularity. With Twitter and Facebook, Savvy Cinderella is able to update their customers with the click of a button.

“If there’s any advice I can give to someone it’s that you should always embrace your own independence. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, it’s an asset you can cultivate something out of,” Meghan explains.


Most importantly, Meghan stresses the magnitude of learning along the way. “The most thrilling thing for me is when I help expand my interns knowledge, while at the same time, expanding mine too. Learning is what makes each experience in the business world valuable.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto



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