Just Do It!

Nov 03, 2010 1 Comment

Dreams are wonderful things. They bring excitement into our lives and push us to move forward in our goals. We’re not referringyaya-publicity to the dreams you experience at night while asleep, but rather the dreams, desires and goals you have for your life. Have you realized your dream yet, or are you still on your journey toward it?

Yael Fraynd is a publicist, who didn’t just accomplish her dream, but she pushed it further then she originally planned. Hailing out of New York City, Yael began reaching her goals by co-founding her first PR firm entitled, HY Publicity. At the young age of 22, this accomplishment was a great feat in itself. HY Publicity experienced much success and for most entrepreneurs this would be the celebration of a dream realized – not the case for Yael.

YaYa Publicity was opened in April 2010. Yael pursued her dreams further and completely satisfied her desires by creating a PR Firm with “individualized attention of a boutique firm with big shop publicity results.” Her clients to date include Vitamin A, Jennifer Zeuner jewelry, Block Headwear and today boasts fresh designs from Ettika jewelry, Aridza Bross handbags, and Danielle Nicole handbags.


It takes a certain personality to persistently push forward and not settle. This same personality will reach greatness, but be able to turn around and ask, ‘What can we do better?’ This is the attitude that has enabled Yael to realize her dreams and reach success with Yaya Publicity. Along with great marketing instincts, trend forecasting abilities, and a personal/professional approach to all clients, she has attained top companies to represent. Yael explains, “I don’t believe that one size fits all. I do understand that each client has unique publicity needs, which we meet by tailoring customizable public relations strategies for each client.”


Nothing really worth attaining was ever handed over on a silver plate, and Yael knows this, “I am not intimidated by ‘no’. If I persist that no will usually become a ‘maybe later’ and then often a ‘yes’. The key is to continue trying… I have been able to tackle not just business, but personal challenges this way.”

Though the dreams we desire to attain may often seem too large and sometimes impossible to reach Yael presents a realistic experience on how to reach your entrepreneurial goals. Take your dream and run with it. Realize what sets you apart and makes you great, then like Yael, be persistent and pursue your goals. If you don’t, someone else will.

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  1. Leonard haiken says:

    Really proud of you this is outrageous ,,,,,,what’s next for you guys?
    Hey please tell your mom I’m so sorry for her lose of sammy
    But there is no better way to go when our time is up……….

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