Mommy Dearest

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Miranda Lobs uncovers the secrets to motherhood with her new book “What No One Ever Told Me About Motherhood.” As she dishes the dirty details about what to expect before, during, and after pregnancy, she opens the doors to the secret society of motherhood that had been kept a secret for ages. She felt inspired to write this helpful handbook when she became pregnant with her first child. “As my body was going through all these changes, I thought to myself ‘If only someone told me this sooner, things wouldmiranda-lobs have been so much easier,’ Lobs tells us, “So, I began to write about my experiences in a journal.”

One night when Miranda had gone out with a couple girlfriends, the discussion about pregnancy came up. “People began to share their delivery stories,” Lobs explains, “And there was one pregnant woman that was present. Right after she went to the bathroom, my girlfriend turned to me and exclaimed ‘I didn’t tell her what really happened because I didn’t want to scare her.” This moment sparked the motivation to uncover the secrets of pregnancy and motherhood your girlfriends have been keeping quiet fom the rest of the female world.

As a woman of strong ambition with both a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology, Miranda became a stay at home mom. “The transition was tough, and I was finding I had so much extra time on my hands,” Miranda shares, “During nap time one day, I began to write a journal about my experiences as a first time mother.” As journal entries acculminated over time, Lobs’ stories were transformed into the informative and witty pages of her mommy handbook.

Miranda then had a brilliant idea; she began to e-mail her friends who had been through similar experiences as her. With a letter containing one line, Lobs asked her friends “What did no one tell you about motherhood that you wish you knew now?” These women’s anecdotes have gained the praise and accolades of mothers across the globe.


When going through the publishing process, Miranda gives us the inside scoop on some helpful tips for those who are looking to publish a book of their own. “First,” Lobs clarifies, “You must never go with a publisher who asks for money upfront. Second, if what-no-one-ever-told-me-about-motherhoodyou end up going with a big publishing company, people don’t tell you how you need a literary agent, and an already edited novel. If you have neither, you have to hire an agent and copy editor, this can cost a lot of money.”

Miranda also enlightens us a more wallet-friendly alternative: self- publishing. “If you decide to self-publish your book, you take on the responsibility to print, edit, and market it yourself,” Miranda elucidates, “However, this also means that you have to make about 100 copies of your book to send to different companies in hopes of them picking up your book, which is extremely expensive and time consuming.”

“Miranda also explains another cost-effective way of selling her book. “When Barnes and Nobles sells my book, I only make a small percentage of it. If I buy the book directly from the publisher, I get it at a much lower price, and am able to sell it to gain royalties, benefiting myself in the end.”


Lobs decided to go the safe route (hiring a publisher), which has proven to be a much more realistic approach. She made the decision to join forces with a small, Christian publishing company that didn’t require lifting one finger. “They edited the book, created a cover design, printed it, got it online and in stores, and scheduled several local book signings for me,” Mirandawhat-no-one-ever-told-me-about-motherhood explains, “I only had to pay a small fee in the beginning, which I will eventually make back with a certain number of sales that I make.” Another way of making money

Written like a conversation with your best girlfriend, this witty, hip, and lighthearted book covers everything from the embarrassing, taxing, and stressful situations every mother goes through but never wants to talk about. Since receiving several e-mails from random women across the globe, Lobs’ book has had nothing but applause for its relate ability. “That alone has made me feel successful,” she says with an enlightened tone, “It makes me feel like we’re all in this together, telling each other it will all be okay.”

Through everything, Miranda shares with us her philosophy on life: “If you’re going to look back in 20 years and regret not doing something, then you have to do it. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone says no, or it’s not as successful as you hoped it would be? Those worries aren’t worth the regret I’d feel when I’m old and grey and look back on the situation and kick myself for not taking that risk. Having an open mind is everything.”

With her kids continuously growing and changing, Miranda hopes to release a series of books named “What No One Ever Told Me About.” Covering topics from marriage, teenagers, and college, her insightful outlook will continue to bring smiles, laughs, and tears of joy to readers everywhere.

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette



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