Mr. Diamond

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“I’ve always loved jewelry,” confides Mark Lash, a businessman whose charm and selflessness have earned him a nod as’s second ever token-male entrepreneur.

Despite his passion for jewelry, Lash enrolled in the science program at University of Toronto in hopes of entering the medical field. In the meantime, he carved wax as a hobby. Lash’s carefully marked career path was derailed when his father brought him to a local jewelry store to pick out some pieces for his mom. There, Lash joked he could carve jewelry out of wax. Seeing potential, the storeowner gave him a block of wax to take home.

It wasn’t long before Lash was in the full-blown jewelry-making business: with a studio and showroom set up in his parents basement and lines often stretching through his parents’ laundry room, into the house and out the door. “There weren’t a lot of jewelry stores in my neighborhood that did custom work,” Lash tells That’s what made his business special. Clients would bring in family heirlooms and Lash would rework the piece.

One day, he came home to over 50 voicemails from people requesting jewelry. It was right around that time that Lash realized his talent. In the meantime, Lash has expanded his business to include two Toronto storefronts, and a recently launched web site. He has toured Europe, studied craftsmanship, and brought in specialists to staff his business.

“You can really see the workmanship that we do in the design,” Lash says. Celebs can see that craftsmanship too. Lash has a long list of celebrity clients that have worn his pieces on the red carpet. Commenting on his career path, Lash says, “I feel very fortunate, I feel very blessed.”

He goes on to discuss how he has used his talents to raise money for charities.  “Because I feel very fortunate that I’m able to design all these wonderful pieces, I’ve always designed pieces for charity and a lot of my pieces have raised a lot of money for charities. I think that’s extremely important,” Lash says. Most notably, Lash has become involved in the board of directors for the Women’s Brain Health Initiative, designing a “Hope Knot” pendant to help raise money for the cause. Lash also created a diamond necklace that was auctioned in conjunction with tickets for an Elton John Oscar party. Auctioned for the Elton John Aids Foundation, the package ended up selling for $125,000.

In the face of all his accomplishments, it is his work with charities that Lash puts the most emphasis on. “We can’t forget that you have to give back,” he emphasizes.


Written by: Mary Ronau


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