Muffin Top? We Think Not!

May 07, 2011 2 Comments

Preya Patel and Ashley Lebowitz are much like other women. They both hold jobs, have families and busy social lives. And, up until recently, they both despised wearing thongs.

Cue: Pashion: A company created by two women after putting roughly a year’s work into crafting the perfect thong. They wanted a thong that was really comfortable and versatile – something that would work for any occasion, whether dressed for a workout or fancied up in a form-fitting dress.


And the best things about their thongs? “There’s no muffin top or panty lines,” Lebowitz says. The thongs also boast cotton lining on the inside and come in two sizes: S/M or M/L, designed to fit any type. But it gets better: Pashion panties are also tag-free.

pashion“This little idea started in business school and we just kept going with it,” Lebowitz says. In starting up their business, it was important to both women that they do everything themselves. They went to Los Angeles’ fabric district in downtown and just started knocking on doors. In that fashion, they found all the craftsmen they needed: from cutters to sewers to fabric manufacturers.
“We basically did everything from the ground up,” Patel says, “Everyone was really helpful.” Once the women had selected the fabrics they loved, they brought these samples to friends and family for more diverse feedback.

After the finished products were created, Lebowitz and Patel held focus groups where they had women try their products. They asked the women how much they would pay for one of their thongs, and that helped the women determine price points for their business. They wanted to maintain creative control and complete ownership of the business, which meant they had to front the money themselves. The women say they capitalized on the talents of people they knew to build connections and earn discounts on certain services.

“Reach out to everyone that you can, because you would be so surprised at how willing people are to help you, make a call for youpashion or introduce you to somebody,” Lebowitz emphasizes. Ashley explains how the partners would take other self-starters out to lunch to discuss the process. They learned some of the most valuable tips that way.

“The scariest part of starting a business is that it’s scary,” Ashley says. Patel says there are days when she can’t believe they actually did it. And perhaps rightly so, as both women maintained full time jobs while attending Pepperdine Business School, which is where they met. Add in their families, social lives, and creating and running Pashion, and that makes for a world of little sleep.

You really can do anything you put your mind to,” Patel says.


Written by: Mary Ronau




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  1. Ilavice says:

    Have it, love it. Makes a great bridal shower gift.

  2. Kelly A says:

    Move over “Hanky Panky!!” I’m now ordering my “Pashions!” What a great idea!!!!!

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