Oh, Baby

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When Nina Takesh and Samantha Winch had children of their own, they went shopping for all of the necessary baby items. However, after spending countless hours going from store to store, they found nothing. Then, it hit them like a ton of bricks; they decided to open up their own one-stop baby shop.petit-tresor

Le Petit Tresor, located on Roberston Boulevard in Hollywood, California, is a stylish, sweet, and elegant store that has everything a new mother could ever dream of.  From handcrafted furniture to top of the line strollers, Nina and Samantha’s store is shopping made simple.

Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Heidi Klum are just a few of the company’s clientele. Nicknamed the “celebrity boutique,” Le Petit Tresor rarely ever says no. “We focus on providing our clients with the best service. We have the best resources, manufacturers, and craftsmen in the industry, so we get them whatever they want,” Nina explains, “If they see something that they like, we make it our business to get it for them.” Nina, with her Masters in Business, and Samantha, with her PhD in Design, joined forces to create a new powerhouse for mothers around the globe.

“We live, eat, and breathe our work,” Samantha explains, “It’s our passion.” Both Nina and Samantha pride themselves on adapting to the ever-changing fashion market.  “We keep pushing, changing, adding, to keep up with what our clients want,” Nina says. “If you’re going to open up your own business, you have to love what you’re doing. You can’t get into it half heartedly because your business won’t prosper that way.”


As for employees in their store, they are nothing short of selective. “We have about nine employees in total. We usually have about three to four sales girls in the stores, but we like to put them into the categories they can flourish in. For example, if an employee is strong in design, then we will take them into our design meetings, which really helps in having them understand our business,” Samantha explains.


petit-tresorSince opening nine years ago, their business has grown tremendously. They have recently designed their own exclusive line at Target, which focuses on having simple, basic designs. The ladies are also starting another exclusive line for a mass retailer, but they’re keeping it under wraps for now.

Although met with a lot of resistance from family members, friends, and loved ones, they quickly learned they couldn’t focus on the negativity people around them were putting forth. “Not everyone is going to believe in what you do,” Nina says, “But if you do everything you can to follow your destiny, all of your dreams will come true.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette



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