Party Like You Have the Time!

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We all have busy schedules. From the moment we wake up in the morning it is one thing after another: kids, husbands, work and then more kids, more husbands, more work! Most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, but it is crucial to remember that sometimes we really have to take the time to have fun.

What’s more fun that throwing a party?

For a busy, professional woman there are some easy tips that you can follow to make sure that planning the party doesn’t become overwhelming and you can actually enjoy it just as much as your guests.

1) Use your china and rent charger plates from a rental company. It is an extremely simple way to make an ordinary event extraordinary. It doesn’t take much time to call and rent them and will only take a second to place them on your table.

2) Take 5 minutes to measure your table. Make sure to rent a linen that will go all the way to the floor. There is nothing more elegant than fantastic linens that are measured correctly. It will also save you time after the party because you won’t have to wash your table, or your own linen! You can just bag it and send it back to the rental company as your guests left it!

3) Rent glassware! If you don’t have enough glassware for your guests, save time fumbling for a complete set of glassware by renting. Matching your different glasses (champagne flutes to highball glasses) is very important. I hate washing dishes, and you can just send these back to the rental company as well.

4) Turn your buffet table into a stylish statement by renting cool platters and trays. Half the stress of having a party is wondering how you are going to serve/display all of your food. By renting them, you can get exactly what you want and you can rent the newest fashions and designs next time.

5) Chairs are a huge statement piece that can convert any room into a different space. You can rent from a variety of chairs that will fit any theme or design. It only takes a few minutes to view a rental company’s offerings on their websites. Then pick up the phone and they will deliver them and pick them up for you. No stress.

6) Utilize your rental company for referrals. Most rental companies work with professionals in the event industry on a daily basis. Make one call to them and they can tell you who the best caterers, florists, and other vendors are.

7) Switch it up a bit. Round dishes are SOO 20th century! Rent square, rectangle or triangle dishes… Adding shape to your party table is a simple way to make it stand out and have your guests thinking you put tons of effort into the party. . . but you and I will know it only took a simple phone call.

8) Utilize small, “tidbit” plates to turn desserts or apps into something special. By serving things in small bite size plates you look super chic and can control costs better!

9) If you’re serving a cake, dress it up a bit. Rent a cake stand to display it on. This will create an awesome focal point for your event.

10) Rent high-top tables with the proper linens (that reach all the way to the floor!). This is a quick way to create a cocktail area and separate your event into stages. Once drinks and appetizers are served, invite the guests to sit for the main meal. You can even put the high tops tables in a separate room to build anticipation for what is next!

When all is said and done, you can throw a fabulous party that really will only take you a few hours to plan if you get the right professionals and companies to help. Your time is valuable, make sure that you minimize the frustration and maximize the fun!

Written by: Heather Rouffe



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