Pass The Butter, Please!

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hellomellowWhen one thinks of butter, the body is not the first thing that comes to mind. Hellomellow is changing the way we view our moisturizing products. This uniquely, organically motivated company is all about the natural.

Hellomellow products want to “uplift, relax, rejuvenate, revitalize, and balance” your body, by simply purchasing the bottle carrying the entitled label. Each container is filled with natural oils of butter, avocado, mangos etc. Owner, Tracy Feldstein, pours her oils, along with A LOT of hard work and love, into great gift sets such as; Scrub, Glove & Love, Your Secret Weapon, and even preggo and kiddo sets.

In detail, please explain your company, hellomellow.

TF: Hellomellow is an all-natural intension based body products company, caring for you – outside and in. we are committed to nourishing your skin and your soul at the same time through the highest quality dense nutrients for your body and essential oil blends to support your energy and mood.

When did you open up this company and what motivated you to do so?

TF: It has been a very organic process. I am also a body worker; hellomellow started out of a personal need to have all natural food quality products for me to work with my clients. I was working long days with clients and one day it hit me that not only were my clients ingesting the products I was using all day long through the largest organ of the body, their skin, but so was I. I started looking at the products that were available in the market place, this was long before it was hip and cool to not have fragrances, sulfates, detergents, and all of these other toxic ingredients in body care. I had an epiphany… I cleaned out my house of all store bought products and anything with this growing list of questionable toxic ingredients. From body care to make-up to house cleaners, I “cleaned” house. It was quite the day and the next day hellomellow was born.

Why did you name the company hellomellow?

TF: It’s fun and exactly what I am trying to convey. I formulated my products with the idea of nurturing the skin and the soul at the same time. It’s about taking care of your body inside and out and being balanced and mellow. My products are a way to give support to people in the same way I do when working with them one on one in a healing session. It’s like a healing session any time you need, right at your fingertips. Just apply product and say…“hellomellow.”

What was the first step to developing the right formula for your products?

TF: Picking the highest quality and nutrient dense oils and butters that have high oleic properties so the body can use them, instead of them just laying on top of your skin and being sticky or gooey.

How many tries did it take you to find the perfect formula?

TF: There were a couple of different formulations. It was fun trying so many different kinds of oils and butters and seeing how they worked with the skin. Luckily for me being a bodyworker who was booked solid for months at a time, I had endless bodies to test on.

What were the considering factors when combining your ingredients?

TF: It was about texture, how well the body could absorb the ingredients making sure that the oil and butters did not lay on top of the skin – I didn’t want anything to feel oily, sticky or gooey. Also, how the different essential oil blends therapeutic properties worked… Do they smell and feel right, are they the correct strength, do they help your mood and energy in the way they are intended to.

Tell us about a time where things just didn’t seem like they were moving along, and how you overcame that difficult time?

TF: The neat thing about hellomellow is that I never created it to make money so any growth has been based on people’s demand for it. There haven’t been many hurdles. I think now that I am committed to getting the products out to as many people as I can, there are times I feel like growth is slow. If it feels difficult, it really helps to remember people telling me how using their hellomellow makes them feel better. How it helped their irritated skin or healed their bumpy arms or helped their kid’s rash that nothing else would help. I take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other… I remind myself to keep taking baby steps.

How did you deal with any negativity?

TF: Take a pink salt bath or scrub off the energy in the shower! Honestly, I kind of love negativity, it gives me something to look at and to truly check myself and see if there is anything I need to change. It helps me grow as a person and hellomellow as a company.

How were you describing your company to people when it first opened?

TF: As an all-natural, avocado-mango butter intention based body product and lifestyle line that nourishes your skin and your soul from the outside in.

How are you describing it now?

TF: Exactly the same!

How do people finding out about hellomellow?

TF: By word-of-mouth, gifts, (our online store), our facebook fan page, online, and basic press. We have many write-ups and reviews online and some press has featured us as their favorite products. We have been placed in different movies and tv shows, and we are currently starting to enter the world of retail stores.

How many employees do you have?

TF: Depends on how busy we are, but there are only a handful of us.

What do you look for employees?

TF: Passion, honesty, thoughtfulness, and interest in what they are doing.

As a boss, how would you describe yourself?

TF: I work hard, play hard! I’m serious about work, but I also want it to feel relaxed and fun. I try to be honest and keep communication open so we are working as a team. My expectations are out on the table and success is attainable. I’m also grateful for a job well done.

Describe your personality.

TF: I am passionate, thoughtful, honest, funny, and a bit of a perfectionist.

Do you feel that you have reached the success level you thought you would when you first started?

TF: I never dreamed of this turning into a business when I started. I really feel successful everyday. The stories of hellomellow helping people feel good about them selves, makes it all worthwhile.

In your words, define success.

TF: Living and working with integrity, and not swaying on that to make a dime.

If someone wanted to start a skincare line, how much would you say it would cost to start-up? Can you give us a breakdown for how much money someone would need for different aspects in the process?

TF: That’s a hard question. There are so many ways to go about it. I’d say start small and continue to sell what you are making while learning about your product and it’s customer’s needs. This way you replace your investment at each level. The investment ranges, but make a list of what you need at each level to go to the next one. At first it’s ingredients, containers, labels, dba, bank account, business cards, and maybe a book keeper to get you set up from the start correctly. A great graphics artist is helpful for branding your name. Do you want a website? And will you have a shopping cart on that site? Then comes product insurance (this a hefty one if you are doing the manufacturing yourself), incorporating or becoming a LLC. Depending on the company you are thinking of being the investment can be very different.

Any current promotions you would like everyone to know about?

TF: Become a facebook fan of hellomellow and you can get 10% all purchases at and stay up to date with any new promotions by signing up to our newsletter

Any cool developments in the works for hellomellow?

TF: We are aiming at retail stores and spas. We have just started, but we’ll keep you posted.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

TF: In stores nation-wide and growing into other products with mood intentions. We are creating a mellow lifestyle.

What does everyone need to know about hellomellow?

TF: That we are making products with the customer’s best health and well being in mind.

What do you LOVE the most about having your own company?

TF: Answering these questions on a Monday morning in bed with my dog snuggled next to me. Being able to do what I believe in and create a business with integrity that cares about people and the earth.

Give us your best advice.

TF: Be honest; follow your gut and trust.

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