Planning Perfection

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Carrie Zack’s ability to think outside the box dates back to her youth. While her playtime companions sold curbside lemonade, young Zack served a special treat: chocolate-dipped cherries.

By the time she was ten, Zack was a full-blown party planner. Okay, maybe not full blown, but she did plan her younger sister’s birthday party and later, her own Bat Mitzvah! In high school, Zack even catered parties for her father’s office.carrie-zack

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Zack would eventually make a career of her ability to organize, cook and create. Like many entrepreneurs, she took a less-than conventional path towards the inception of her company. And while event planning was not the pre-determined goal, all the stops along the way added unique skills to her repertoire. Zack’s specialized skill-set lent itself to the creation of Carrie Zack Events, a boutique event planning company that specializes in high-end events.

While taking classes at an interior design school in Long Beach, CA, Zack accepted a job to be the personal chef for a family. Realizing her love for the culinary, Zack moved back to her native Canada where she began catering out of her apartment.


As the special events division of her business grew, so did Zack’s interest in event planning. Prompted by a burgeoning interest in event planning, she moved back to California to attend FIDM to earn a degree in Visual Communications. After gaining experience coordinating events for FIDM, Zack was finally ready to start her own business.

Besides her ability to create once-in-a-lifetime events, Zack’s business success is based largely on her own ability to network, and her attention to presentation. With a database of business contacts bursting at the seams, it’s become nearly impossible for her to leave the house anonymously. “I’m not saying you always need to be dressed up, but you need to be presentable, you need to have a smile on your face, and you need to have your business cards with you,” states this stunning success. Every new acquaintance is a potential business partner, vendor or friend. Zack goes on to advise, “Always be open and ready to meet people.”


But it’s more than just Zack’s friendly attitude that has bred success for her eight-year-old company. She takes special care to be constantly accessible to her clients, returning all phone calls and emails within 24 hours. And Zack is always up front with her clients.
“I’m very honest with people. If they tell me they have a budget, we stick to it,” Zack says. “There are no surprises with me.”

After putting on a wedding for an actress in 2005, Carrie Zack Events was mentioned in In Style Magazine. After the mention, requests from brides-to-be came pouring in. This is one of the secrets to Zack’s success. Rather than advertise her business, Zack relies on the always positive referrals from those who recommend her business. If the client has had an enjoyable experience, she encourages them to spread the word to their friends and contacts.


“Everyone wants to be successful and grow together,” Zack says. She likes the idea of supporting family, friends and other business owners in her network. She also advises new business owners to know their business inside and out. “When you have a carrie-zackbusiness, you need to be prepared to do every job, no matter how big or small,” she warns. “Even if you’re letting someone else handle it, you still need to know.”

This busy professional has business sensibility coupled with a friendly demeanor and it seems to pay off. Most of her clients have been accumulated through word of mouth, proving that building a client-base doesn’t happen overnight. But Zack’s success demonstrates the importance of networking, creativity and business savvy – a combination of assets that’s proven a terrific triune of success for Carrie Zack Events.

Of course, when all else fails, there are always chocolate-covered-cherries!

Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Bridgette


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