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May 04, 2011 4 Comments

Jennifer Samuels and Cristina Isaac go into beauty MODE with their fabulous new products that not only make you feel great, but also are also great for you. As sisters who grew up together in their family business, they were taught the ropes of the cosmetic world since they were little. Using their knowledge, drive, and relentless determination, these cosmetic experts fuse the best of both worlds of fashion and nature. Whether it’s for your face, eyes, or lips, these gals have got you covered! With all natural and “green” products, MODE’s unique cosmetics provide beneficial results that moisturize and replenish your skin- making you look and feel ten years younger.

On the right: Jennifer Samuels. On the Left: Cristina Isaac, owners of MODE New York

When and why did you ladies decide to start MODE Cosmetics?

JS & CI: As sisters growing up in the family business, we were exposed to every aspect of the cosmetics industry. So it was no surprise that as sisters and best friends, we decided to collaborate.  For nearly half a century, our family has been creating beautiful, high performance cosmetics that are designed and made in America. As second-generation cosmetics purveyors, we had the knowledge, experience, and capability. We were immersed in the business since we were very, very young working weekends, summer vacations and throughout college. In the mid-late 90’s when we entered college, we also continued working in the cosmetics industry. We really had such a passion for the business that we couldn’t help it; we began researching and exploring with ideas and ingredients that interested us, both nutritionally and aesthetically.  We lead healthy lifestyles, both believe in the benefits of natural ingredients, and have a great admiration for art, style and fashion. This original concept of incorporating the elements of fashion and style with the benefits of natural ingredients together in color cosmetics came organically to us; it was a no-brainer, but looking back it was really forward thinking, I guess you could say that we put the glamour in green before it came in fashion. We fused these two aspects together in a superior performance cosmetics line, rather than keeping them disconnected. For a long time the beauty world consisted of two extremes: all glamour with no benefits or all crunch and no glamour- there was no middle ground. We recognized both the enormous void and need to offer women who are conscious of the benefits of natural ingredients with chic, effective beauty products. Simply put, the need for effective, high performance color cosmetics with the benefits of healthy, natural ingredients existed and we created it.

MODE's Natural Skin High Performance Hydrating Foundation

Why did you decide to name it “MODE”?

JS & CI: MODE translates to fashion in French. We believe that  everyone has their own distinct style and manner of which to express it – MODE is just so chic!

In the beginning how did you get the word out? How do people know about your company now? (advertising, pr company? do you look for press on your own?

JS & CI: We gained attention and coverage from beauty editors and magazines, newspapers, television coverage, and industry coverage through trade publications, as well as word of mouth.

What is a typical day for you ladies?

JS & CI: Our days are pretty hectic and on any given day it usually consists of: testing formulas, evaluating packaging, sourcing new and exciting natural ingredients, traveling extensively to meet with retailers and attend industry events.

MODE's Lip Glaze

Who is your big inspiration and why? What keeps you ladies motivated?

JS & CI: Our parents are our biggest inspirations in life and they are the most alluring and elegant people we know. Their encouragement and unconditional support keeps us motivated, and they are our biggest inspiration both in life and for MODE. We were raised in an entrepreneurial family and were taught the values of honesty, integrity and hard work, and that nothing is impossible. Our mother is our beauty and style icon and our father is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and continuing his legacy from us- the second generation- to the third generation, which we hope to achieve.

How would you describe your cosmetics?

JS & CI: MODE is the true fusion of fashion + nature. In other words, superior performance and fashion-forward cosmetics that are made with our proprietary Potent Naturals TM: beneficial, natural, organic, and Ecocert ingredients.

For example, our Lip Lacquers deliver full power color and ultra-shine with just one application while simultaneously providing the hydrating and conditioning properties like Sweet Almond, natural pearlescents, as well as the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils from refreshing Florida pink grapefruits.

All of these beneficial natural ingredients, superior performance formulations and style is delivered in chic and non-wasteful packaging, all priced very well and made in beautiful NY, USA.

What do you LOVE the most about having your own company?

JS & CI: What we love most about having our own company is having business and creative independence, having the freedom to express our creativity, and ultimately being responsible in executing and bringing a product to fruition.

What’s in the works for MODE Cosmetics?

JS & CI: We are really excited because this summer we are officially launching our new Natural Skin TM liquid foundation.  It’s high performance, naturally hydrating, and feels so incredibly weightless on your skin. On top of all that, its chock-full-of powerful antioxidants from our chardonnay and blueberry super fruit extracts and American kaolin, which is a skin smoothing and nutrient rich mineral clay from sweet southern Georgia. We are so proud to source beneficial natural ingredients from the beautiful USA!

Give us 5 great pieces of advice for any current or future female entrepreneur.

JS & CI:

  1. You have to have uncompromising and unyielding passion, drive, and determination.
  2. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Always keep the company of positive people.
  4. Listen to your intuition – a woman’s instinct can be your best advantage.
  5. Learn from mistakes and setbacks and move forward, never give up.


Written and edited by: Blair Cassuto



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  1. Casey R says:

    Wow! Seems these ladies have taken their knowledge and turned it into something amazing! It’s great to see sisters become entrepreneurs and partners! Very inspiring.

  2. happi shopr says:

    What an inspiring story! Thank you for hosting the giveaway as well.

  3. P. Chi K. says:

    These ladies have beauty and brains! It’s hard to find such great quality (both in personality and product) but these girls have it all!
    Congratulations to you and your family!

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