Pretty in Pink

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Jesse Draper may seem like your typical ditzy valley girl dazzled in pink from head-to-toe, but in reality, she’s so much more than that. As a strong and determined businesswoman, Jesse started out as an actress in Silicon Valley. After working on a Nickelodeon show for a couple seasons, she realized that she didn’t want to be waiting around for a phone call about her next casting, she wanted to be calling the shots. That’s when she created the idea to film her own online TV series.


Jesse Draper with MC Hammer

As a silly and fun talk show host, Draper wanted to interview the “movers and shakers of the world” in a fun and interesting way that would keep her audience’s attention. From guests including the CEO of Google and, Valley Girl TV quickly became the spokesperson for business made casual. Named the “must see start up show” by USA Today, Jesse’s fan base is quickly spreading all over the world.

valley-girl“Having an internet show, the most important thing is networking,” Jesse explains, “We constantly update our Facebook and Twitter to connect with our fans and hear what they have to say.” From deals with AOL and Yahoo, Valley Girl TV’s popularity has skyrocketed. In addition to networking, Jesse also stresses the importance of having mentors. “Advisors are the best things to have,” Jesse says, “Talking to well established people, and learning from them can give you the necessary steps for success. They can refer you to different people who can help you in so many ways.”

Although trying to keep costs low, Draper’s show produces income through sponsors, advertising, events, fundraisers, and licensing their content all over the world. They have teamed up with several production companies in California who understand the vision that she has for the show and believe in it as much as Jesse does.


Draper has been faced with several challenges, all in which she has met with persistence and optimism. “As a woman, it was especially hard for me to be taken seriously, especially when you’re promoting a talk show of a ditzy character dressed in all pink,” Jesse laughs. Inspired by her parent’s success, Draper became motivated to create a name for herself . “I knew that if I didn’t give up,” she continued, “there was no doubt in my mind that my vision would come true.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto


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