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Karyn Calabrese is one of the most popular and innovative leaders in the health industry. Having appeared on Oprah, her self-healing center has been the talk of the town. Karyn’s goal is to provide a space for balancing of the mind and spirit, and lead them to the start of the healing process.karyn

Having been through much struggle growing up as a child and working as a single mother after a divorce, Calabrese was extremely focused on healing herself. “I spent a lot of time learning about myself, and I started to counsel others on how to make their lives better,” Karyn explains.

After renting out a greenhouse where she grew wheatgrass to sell to local stores, people began to criticize Karyn’s passion for proper nutrition. “Nobody believed in what I was doing, which made me want to work at it a hundred times harder,” she says. After being open for more than 20 years, Karyn has had one of the longest standing businesses in the health field.


With her own makeup and skincare line, vitamins, food, and herbs, her business has since grown from 0 workers to 110. Although a good size of people, Calabrese is still extremely picky on whom she lets into her work family. “I look for sincerity, because it’s hard to find now-a-days,” Karyn shares, “I want them to be involved, but not become obsessed and have it be their sole purpose.”


After signing a three-book deal, Karyn has since released her first book Soak Your Nuts. This book, which focuses on finding balance in your life through healthy alternatives, has been a symbol of hope for those who are trying to turn their lives around.


When asked how she made her business last so long in this always changing industry, Calabrese replied with telling us that she doesn’t measure her success in dollars. “You must love what you’re doing,” she says, “and you can’t do it for the return. If you love it, your passion will shine through, and people will really take notice of that.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto



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