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For Sri Lakshmi, founder of Silver Parkes Jewelry, owning her own business is all about risk vs. payoff. “If I have a good feeling about something, I will take that risk,” Lakshmi says.

Lakshmi grew up in the jewelry business. Her parents were both jewelers. “It was kind of a natural second education while growing up, without even knowing it,” Lakshmi tells to Despite her childhood exposure to jewelry making, Lakshmi ended up on a far different career path: as a journalist. Though she loved her job, Lakshmi couldn’t resist the pull towards the family business.

In July 2011, Lakshmi decided she was ready for a risk. Taking example from her parents, who, as she recalls, had so much fun with their business that it never felt like a job, Lakshmi started Silver Parkes Jewelry.

silver-parkesThe new company was designed to fill a niche in the industry for high-end mix and match jewelry. Lakshmi describes her jewelry as luxurious, flirty and classic pieces that are meant to be effortlessly matched with pieces from her other sets. She says these characteristics, as well as the high-end quality with affordable price points, are the foundation of Silver Parkes.


Lakshmi tells that owning her own business has shown her the meaning of foundation, which she considers central to her business model. “It’s literally laying things brick by brick,” the jewelry maker explains. “Is it difficult? Yes.” And while it takes patience to build up a lasting business, the hard work is well worth it.

silver-parkesTo young entrepreneurs, Lakshmi offers several words of advice. First, she recommends spending time researching a target demographic. Secondly, it’s important to talk to successful entrepreneurs, in vast array of industries. Third, basic business principles are the key to establishing longevity.


And finally, “it’s important to love your product, whatever it is.”


Written by: Mary Ronau



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