The Beauty of Chinese Medicine

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They are not your typical women; Beth Hooper gave herself acupuncture during her pregnancy and delivered both her daughters naturally, while Laura Kauffman has a five-year-old who enjoys meditating and asks for her tincture when feeling ill. These holistic practicing moms are the brains behind SHE Essential Beauty, a luxury organic skincare line.


Hooper and Kauffman began their journey toward entrepreneurship while studying at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. They both earned Master’s degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine and independently opened private practices in New York City. “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the modern practice of ancient healing techniques from China,” states the SHE Essential Beauty Web site. A tradition that originated over 3,000 years ago, TCM practices include Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy and qi gong.


Before merging talents to create SHE Essential Beauty, Kauffman had dappled in creating organic skincare products, which she sold out of her private practice. When Kauffman became pregnant with her daughter she put her creative work on hold. In 2007 Hooper and Kauffman decided to form a partnership to pursue their shared passion. The women wrote a business plan, and SHE Essential Beauty was born.

SHE Essential Beauty is an all natural, organic skincare line that applies the practices of balance and holistic practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The women were committed to create a product that was able to “harness the healing powers of Chinese herbs.” The line has grown to consist of 15-20 products, with their facial serum and night serum as best-sellers.


Hooper and Kauffman hit the “big time” due to a chance discovery by a pregnant writer for the Today Show. The pregnant writer was first attracted to the product because of its colorful packaging just six short months after its release. During a short consultation, the women discussed the affects of giving birth on the skin, which becomes dry due to a loss of “yin.” As a solution, Hooper and Kauffman offered the facial serum to the writer. One month and one newborn later, they got a call to be featured on the Today Show.

The discovery was just what the company needed.  SHE Essential Beauty gained immediate followers across the nation. Hooper and Kauffman were able to grow their business from a small family company to a larger operation. And while Kauffman’s UPS man would still recognize her as the woman with an apartment full of boxes, the ladies no longer have to spend date nights packaging product with their husbands.


Despite the shift in manufacturing, SHE Essential Beauty will always be a product of two business-driven yet family-oriented women. Hooper says “my priority has always been family first.” Kauffman notes that efficiency is the name of the game and since after 3 p.m. is “kid time,” the women need to be proficient in their daily routine of running their private practices in addition to SHE Essential Beauty. Both women emphasize balance both in life and in Chinese holistic medicine. Hooper says running a business and a family has always been “more of a juggle than a struggle.”

Like many female entrepreneurs, these women are changing what it means to be a modern working female. “The creativity, ability to multi-task and personal skills many women possess make us a much needed, integral part of companies today. However, many (companies) make it difficult to work and raise a family…. Entrepreneurs are helping women re-define what the work day looks like,” Hooper says. However, as rewarding as the process may be, Hooper warns that running one’s own business is a difficult path with a significant amount of risk attached to it. Still, both Hooper and Kauffman plan to prepare their daughters to be entrepreneurs, should that be their chosen path in life.

Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Bridgette


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