The Flour Girl

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“I Love desserts they make people happy!” exclaims an elated and passionate pastry chef named Mindy Trotta.

Mindy is the owner of the online bakery entitled Flour Girl Desserts. A company she cautiously began in December 2008. Her success and pastry menu has rapidly grown since then and now she ships to almost everywhere and makes “seasonal” treats – Pumpkin Spice Brittle anyone?

After spending much time in the publishing industry as an editor, Mindy took an interest in the sweeter things to life. Herflour-girl-desserts friends and family consistently complimented her baking abilities and she eventually began apprenticing as a pastry assistant.

Mindy’s husband saw her potential and gifted her with a day in the kitchen next to acclaimed pastry chef, Nancy Silverton. “I went back [to Silverton’s kitchen] on and off, once a month, for 3 years. Finally, Nancy asked me if I’d consider going back to school and becoming a pastry chef. I didn’t know you could do that!” Shortly thereafter Mindy enrolled in a UCLA pastry chef program.


Trotta became an apprentice and pastry assistant at Spago in Beverly Hills, taught cooking classes in her home, got involved in an organization called Chefs in the Kitchen through the LA Unified School District, and she even started teaching nutrition to inner city school children.

The rest is history.

flour-girl-desserts“I never thought I would have my own company,” explains a humble, but hard working Mindy Trotta. She goes on to say that eventually there might be a Flour Girl Desserts store, but right now she’s sticking to what works – online!

Flour Girl Desserts’ sales are made possible through a pastry kitchen that Mindy rents out and the rest of her business she takes care of from her home office. Her orders vary depending on the time of year or what special occasions might be approaching; holiday season, Christmas, June/July bridal months, Valentines Day etc.

This pastry chef’s products speak for themselves. It’s through her most popular products (Rocky flour-girl-dessertsRoad & Caramel Cookie Bark) that customers are giving recommendations, spreading word and clicking to purchase. Mindy does all her own marketing, but is looking into a professional publicist as her company grows. Most of her publicity so far has come from social media outlets, community word and bloggers. “I make a point to get involved in the community and make my company known, as I don’t have a visual store. It’s a lot of work, but I keep chipping away. I’m waiting for my Oprah discovery!!”

Just like any business there are good days and bad, high and low moments. Mindy encourages hers customers to “treat” them selves because her desserts bring smiles to faces of all ages.

“I am my own boss and I’m doing this for myself… what was a pipe dream is finally being realized. I believe in my product, and my clients love what I produce,” this sheer enjoyment keeps Flour Girl Desserts flourishing.

Written by: Bridgette


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