Under the Sea!

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As children, mystical creatures and the unknown always fascinated us. Almost every little girl has pondered what it would be like to be a mermaid gliding elegantly through the deep blue sea. We would practice in our very own backyard pool with our best friends so we could escape into our dreams. This dream became a reality for Melissa Dawn, also known as “Mermaid Melissa.”


Melissa Dawn AKA Mermaid Melissa!

Growing up by the beach in St. Augustine, Florida, Melissa had an instant infatuation with marine animals. At the age of fifteen, she had been living in Orlando and began to work at Universal Studios. Her dream job was to work with the animals! She was assigned as a cage cleaner and later became an animal trainer. Her intense love for animals grew with every passing day and had never gone unnoticed.

During the time that Melissa was working with animals, she discovered a passion for the entertainment field. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting and modeling career. It was there she realized that her true calling was with the animals. She moved back to Orlando, Florida, where she became a diver. Melissa learned how to hold her breath for four minutes- extremely rare for a human being! This then sparked the inspiration for combining her two passions in life and to begin performing underwater.


Mermaid Melissa was born and transformed into the modern day Splash. “I came from a line of inventors,” she told InterviewHer.com, “The sky is the limit.” Melissa has since traveled the world entertaining and educating her audience of deep sea lovers.

Photo by: Jessica Yakamna at www.DropJawPhotography.com

She entertains at children’s parties, where she brings along her robotic dolphin friends to give them the full aquatic experience. The audience becomes so enthralled in her performance that they believe that she is truly a mermaid. So much so that Nancy Thibault, a children’s author, insisted on writing a book about her journey. “Bubble Heart Kisses- A Mermaid’s Tale” is the first children’s book telling the story of a real live mermaid.


“One way in dealing with imitation is believing in your own self worth and know there’s only one of you and the skills that you do.” Melissa tells InterviewHer.com, “It will never be more than imitation or copied but it makes you challenge yourself to get creative and think of something new.” Melissa believes that this is a constant motivation to do better and set the bar higher for herself.


The many rejections that this mermaid faced has given her the motivation and dedication to get her where she is today. “The negativity never stopped me from doing what I love,” Melissa dishes to InterviewHer.com, “If anything, it has allowed for the positivity in my life to outshine it.”


If you would like to catch a glimpse of this elegant mermaid, be sure to check out her YouTube channel: MelissaDawnOnline or you can visit her website: www.mermaidmelissa.com. Want to make a big splash at your next event or party? Be sure to check our www.hireamermaid.com for more information.


Written by: Monika Paez

Edited by: Blair Cassuto



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